Electric snail fence - protect your vegetables and plants

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What amateur gardener hasn&#39t experienced that sinking feeling of despair at finding that their lovingly grown lettuces or other vegetables have been eaten away overnight by the slimy creatures? What haven&#39t you done to try and get rid of them? Beer traps, chemical sprays, gathering them up every evening, nothing seems to help. The pests just keep coming back, and all the hard work you&#39ve put into the garden is ruined. Our electric slug fences provide an easy, effective, reliable, biological and environmentally friendly solution to the problem.
Beer traps rarely catch large numbers of slugs, the traps don&#39t smell very nice, and are anything but appetizing to look at. With chemical sprays, you have to consider that the dead slugs might be eaten by other animals and also be killed, so sprays are anything but ecological and are therefore not the best way to tackle slugs in your organic garden. Gathering the slugs up requires strict discipline. The slimy creatures keep you on your toes - you only need to forget once and they wipe out your young plants immediately...
Schneckenzaun mit Rasenkante, Komplettset
We offer a way that is not only relatively low-maintenance, but is also extremely effective compared to the other available methods mentioned. It concerns a plastic tape with conductors that send out a weak electrical signal at regular intervals - an insurmountable deterrent to slugs. Our fence can be powered by a 9V battery or with a 3.6V rechargeable accu in solar version, which is sufficient to combat slugs, while at the same time being perfectly safe for other animals and people. Components for the slug fence you can buy here.
The videos below shows the effect that the fence has on slugs. They are not killed; the weak electrical impulses simply encourage them to turn round and go back.
Schneckenschutz Hochbeet Schneckenabwehr Hochbeet
The slime that the slugs produce has very good conductivity properties which amplify the effect of the impulses, and make it impossible for the slugs to negotiate the barrier. By following just a few rules described there, our electric fence becomes an insurmountable barrier for the ravenous creatures.
Hochbeet mit Schneckenschutz
The control unit generates short approx. 9V electrical impulses, signaled with a green LED every 4 seconds, it also monitors the voltage of the supply battery and checks at regular intervals whether the slug fence passes the impulses properly.
Any disturbances, i. Open circuit, short circuit or low battery voltage is indicated by the red LED.

The maximum length of the fence depends on the construction, i. if the wires are protected from the rain, if so the length can be more than 50m otherwise 20-30m.

The battery life depends on the weather conditions, the length of the slug fence and its condition (soiling) and is usually 3 to 5 months for the 9V version and about 3 weeks for the solar version when the battery is not being charged. In practice, however, a diffused light is enough to generate enough energy for operation. And it is quite one to two sunny summer days to fully charge the battery.

However, DIY enthusiasts can wire up a suitable external 9V power supply. A suitable power supply with adapters can be found in our Online Shop, a picture like this AC adapter is connected, click here.