Our electric slug fence for do it yourself...

Slug fences are an extremely effective and ecological way to fight slugs. There are many different types of slug fences. The most widely available is a plastic barrier or zinc-coated metal with rounded edges that prevents slugs from climbing over it. Our fence consists of a flexible strip of plastic with aluminium conductors. The electrical impulse scares the slugs off without killing them. The impulses are controlled by a small device that indicates whenever there is a break in the circuit, a short circuit, or if the battery power of the 9V battery is too low. Two pulsating LEDs indicate the device&#39s status.

The fence is flexible and can be used to cordon off any area. The fence comes in a standard length of 9 m. Other lengths are also available. Two or more fences can be joined together to cordon off larger areas.

The fence has a very good success rate. Even better results can be achieved by observing the following rules:

- WARNING Important! After cordoning off an area, it is advisable to search the plants inside the fence occasionally to make sure that no slugs have been shut in and left to pursue their feeding instincts. The best way to do this is to scatter a few lettuce leaves as bait inside the fenced-off area in the evening. Then, go out with a torch approximately one after nightfall to round up any errant slugs.

- Slugs are clever. If they find a plant dangling over the fence, they don&#39t miss the opportunity to use it to climb over. For this reason, the vegetation outside the fence should be kept short.

- When slugs come into contact with the conducting wires, they secrete a slime that conducts the electrical current. However, too many such conducting points can weaken the strength of the impulses, so the fence needs to be wiped regularly with a soft, damp cloth or paper towel.