Mounting around the bed

Dig out a grooveFix the lawn edgeConnect the endsDig out a groove

Now use a spade or a trowel to dig a trench 2 cm to 3 cm deep around the flowerbed that you want to keep free from slugs.

Then you put the snail fence bit by bit into the ditch and push it a little into the ground. Then pour the fence from both sides so that it is stable.
You set the lawn edge at a slight angle, so that the rainwater can drain on the back and not on the side with the aluminum band.

Finally, connect the ends of the fence (possibly several fences joined together) electrically with each other. Thoroughly clean the contact points before. The connection has been correctly set up when the green LED flashes.

TIP to set up!

Rain may affect the effect of the fence, so please place the lawn edge a bit diagonally, from the bed to the outside, so that most of the rain can drain off on the back of the lawn edge and the conductive elements remain dry.