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Alternative appliance for a raised bed

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For all garden lovers who use a raised bed, and thus our slug fence can not use, we have found another solution that makes it possible to protect the cultivated vegetables in raised bed in front of the slugs.

This requires our controller which generates the electrical pulses, and an electroconductive plastic strip which prevents the screw from penetrating into the raised bed. Both are available in our Shop.

The plastic band is intertwined with 4 thin metallic wires, is flexible, can be bent properly and thus adapt to all shapes. It can be fixed by using a commercially available stapler or hot glue.

WARNING Important! When you fix the tape using a stapler please take special care that the brackets are placed between the metallic wires or at the edge, otherwise it may happen that the wires are cut and the tape is useless.

After the tape has been laid in two parallel strips at a distance of about 1 to 3 mm, the ends should be cut off and fastened so, that the ends of the individual strips are not in contact and therefore no closed circuit is formed.

Then, the controller can be attached and the wires should be connecting with about 10mm short wood screws and a min. D 9mm large washers, so that good electrical contact is ensured. Take the pictures here to help.

We recommend that a border should be build on the top of the raised bed (see Figure 1) so that the draining rain water does not affect the function of the slug protection.

Finally, connect the battery, check the functionality and the slugs get stay outside.